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Public Sector Summary

The public sector is a broad and diverse entity encompassing central and local government, agencies and the NHS. The total budget for delivering services for all parts of the public sector is huge but is continually under scrutiny as increased efficiency, often achieved by cuts, is sought throughout the public sector. This sector also has to respond quickly and effectively to support the growing needs of the population during the difficult times of the pandemic.

Thus the main drivers for the public sector are:

There are also approaches that the public sector is expected to address, including the sharing of services or adopting new ways of working. From an IT perspective that would include mobility solutions and cloud based services.

IT has traditionally been seen as a back office function, however there is now increasing evidence that IT is seen as a key enabler of positive change, whether as an enabler of transformation or simply as a tool to deliver improved responsiveness, service and quality.

The challenge for executives is to achieve savings, maintaining or improve services whilst not stifling innovation. The cutback in budgets has been met in a mixture of ways including: stopping all planned spend on new projects or contractors; cutting staff or delaying the replacement of equipment. Whilst expedient cuts have been made to meet mandates, a key question still remains – are cuts made with a view to retaining service levels, seeking optimisation of value as opposed to compromising quality in the quest for savings?

Where some funds exist, the question becomes how to spend what little is available to best effect? Have the investments and projects delivered a viable return? What should be the sourcing strategy? Would outsourcing or shared services save money and improve service delivery, or would optimised internal delivery be the best option?

There is then the problem of the dealing with emerging technologies and demands for different ways of working such as increased mobility and remote working and “bring your own” devices (laptops, iPads etc).

ImprovIT provide a comprehensive set of independent metrics driven advice and virtual modelling support to public sector managers, helping with the selection of suitable IT services and solutions, baselining current capabilities and efficiencies of IT, and achieving optimisation of service delivery costs and quality.

ImprovIT’s range of services include:

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