Bringing Clarity to IT


Assisting clients with improving the cost efficiency & effectiveness of their IT organisation and increasing the value they deliver


Helping clients to make the right sourcing decisions through the rigorous application of analytical frameworks and best practice models


Providing impartial, independent programme assurance services to ensure our clients' critical programmes meet the desired outcomes


A unique analytical service that provides an in depth view of IT spend & market comparisons, to enable better decision making

How to Improve IT

ImprovIT’s approach to IT improvement is based upon a strong understanding of the key drivers of cost and performance in the delivery of IT services and comparing these to best practice in the most relevant comparable group.

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Independent Business & Technology Consultancy

ImprovIT was founded in 2005 as a specialist in the use of IT Measurement, IT Modelling and IT Benchmarking. Headquartered in the UK, with domain knowledge of various sectors and geographies, ImprovIT is an independent specialist consultancy providing impartial comparative analytics for organisations.