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Utility, IT Director

Utilities Summary

The Utility sector has seen significant change in recent years. The gas and electricity sectors have seen increased competition with growing changes to ownership. The gas and electricity market is split between suppliers and distributors of energy and those that deliver to consumers. The water companies have also seen some amalgamation and ownership changes. The biggest challenge facing the water sector is the age of the infrastructure and associated facilities, smart metering and the adoption of the private sewer network in the UK. All utility sectors will require continuous infrastructure improvements whilst undergoing further scrutiny from the relevant regulator. They also have to ensure key critical services are maintained during a pandemic.

All utilities are keen to increase shareholder value either by cutting costs and/or where possible by increasing market share. IT has become key to ensuring business efficiency and success whether this is automated knowledge of breakdown, efficient use of maintenance staff or an efficient and accurate billing system.

The regulators monitor the utilities and expect to see cost reductions and service improvements including IT delivery. There is increasing focus of the regulators from Operating Expenditure (Opex) alone to a Total Expenditure (Totex); which includes Capital and Revenue expenditure. This will require a modified approach and analysis for future IT investments.

Whilst pressure increases to reduce costs and consumer prices, shareholders continue to expect growth and a return on their investments.

ImprovIT provides a comprehensive set of independent business driven IT services. These services will help select suitable IT delivery options, identify current capabilities and inefficiencies and enhance service delivery within existing cost constraints. ImprovIT provide various service options to help Utility executives optimise their IT investments.

ImprovIT’s range of services include:

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