Sourcing Advisory Services

Helping clients to make the right sourcing decisions through the rigorous application of analytical frameworks and best practice models

In today’s challenging and uncertain world having independent advice from an experienced and expert team can make all the difference in selecting the correct IT service delivery options for the future.

We have a family of offerings that, when taken together, offer a holistic set of services across the entire sourcing lifecycle. Starting with the strategic question of “should we stay as we are or change?” we help our clients by providing fact-based inputs and best practice models, covering any sourcing scenario from fully insourced to fully outsourced and all the various hybrid options in between. There is also the option of focusing only on individual elements of the sourcing life-cycle below to answer specific needs.

Sourcing Advisory offers a range of services across the lifecycle

Sourcing Advisory helps our clients receive the right services at the optimal price

Whether you’re trying to decide if outsourcing is the right choice, are considering changing providers, or simply want to know if the price you are paying is competitive, we offer a range of advisory services underpinned by best practice models and real market data.

Checking the price you will pay, or are already paying, is fair

Complexity is a major driver of IT cost (and therefore price in outsourced environments) and cost/price can rise significantly in more complex environments. 

We use our benchmark databases to accurately model the market price-point for your specific services

Specifying the right services and selecting the best provider

We have a library of best practice documents and supporting playbooks that we have developed over many years, which we regularly update to reflect current best practices.

We use our tools and capabilities to accelerate our clients’ activities while also increasing the chances of a successful outcome

Case Study: Sourcing decisions to underpin Digital Transformation

The Requirement:

A large Financial services organisation was embarking on a major business and IT digital transformation. Operating in a  regulated sector, there were keen to make the correct sourcing decisions.

Initially they worked with ImprovIT to develop a Sourcing strategy that underpinned the business goals and needs. This  developed into a hybrid model where certain services were retained internally requiring skill-sets to be bolstered and other niche services within across Infrastructure and Applications areas were agreed to be outsourced via a market tender process.     

The Approach:

ImprovIT were requested to facilitate and drive forward these tenders. This involved the planning, documenting and evaluation of the PQQ and ITT stages of these tenders. Agile sourcing was considered for this engagement but due to the specific niche nature of some of the lots, it was decided that this was not appropriate.

ImprovIT started by planning and documenting the scope of the various tenders and working with the client to define the boundaries within each specific lot. The requirements and business benefits from each lot were also captured. The next step was to work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within the client organisation to document the timeline and the specific needs for each lot initially for the PQQ stage of the process. The PQQ questions were designed to eliminate bidder’s who did not show the required capability and experience to deliver the services.

ImprovIT worked with the client over a six month period to ensure all PQQ and ITT stages of each tender were carefully managed, with the correct attention paid to the questions being asked, the clarification needed to be provided and an appropriate scoring mechanism used for each lot. 

The Outcome:

Through the rigorous application of best practice models and methods, suppliers were shortlisted across the tenders. The BAFO process was initiated and at this stage, ImprovIT utilised it’s specialist commercial and contract resources to ensure a deal was put in place with two suppliers that ensured a competitive price was achieved without compromising on the quality of the services delivered. 

Performance Advisory Services (benchmarking) was agreed to take place at regular intervals across the life of the contract to ensure best market price and services would continue to be delivered.    

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