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Assisting clients with improving the cost efficiency & effectiveness of their IT organisation and increasing the value they deliver

Understanding how your IT is performing today, and being able to compare your performance against others, is a fundamental piece of knowledge required if you want to run your IT effectively. ImprovIT has a range of Performance Advisory services designed to help you develop a detailed understanding of both your current performance and future potential. 

In today’s increasingly digital world, IT is woven into the fabric of business like never before. The need to deliver reliable, innovative solutions is critical for almost all IT organisations. Few of them have the luxury of starting with a clean slate; most are challenged to deliver ever more value in the face of corporate expectations growing faster than IT budgets. ImprovIT has a portfolio of models, performance data and strategic frameworks to help you cut through the noise and hype to deliver real value. We help you define your future, understand the precise opportunities to optimise, quantify future benefits and ensure you deliver the value your business needs.


Performance Advisory delivers a 360º assessment of the IT function
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Any IT environment has a number of variables that affect its ability to perform. During a performance advisory review we assess a number of items which are inter-related and affect overall performance.  This items include areas such as the level of investment, quality of service, reliability of processes, staffing levels and skill sets, technological complexity and management capability.

Performance Advisory is based on a fundamental philosophy
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Case Study: What is the right balance for my organisation?

The Requirement:

Following several years of growth and a number of acquisitions, a large manufacturer operating in seven countries across Europe was embarking on a digital modernisation programme underpinned by business process change and IT enablement. 

As part of developing the business case our client needed to baseline the current IT environment, clearly define what the future IT environment would be, then predict its cost profile and benefits.

The Approach:

As a first step, ImprovIT delivered a baseline review of current IT services to determine how the cost and quality compared to market peers. ImprovIT used its industry leading benchmarking approach to quantify the complexity of services being delivered, enabling an accurate ‘apples to apples” comparison to be made.

In parallel, workshops were conducted to understand the scope and approach of the Digital Transformation programme. Scenarios were defined and modelled, allowing options to be properly calibrated.  After a preferred option was selected, a review of the IT strategy was conducted to ensure the linkage between the two was appropriate. To complete the picture, current sourcing arrangements were mapped against initial transition plans to agree a future target operating model for IT taking into account local demands, skills and resource needs, sourcing considerations and the optimal portfolio approach to deliver the planned transformation.

The Outcome:

Once plans were finalised, the initial baseline benchmark was used as “a line in the sand” from which all future improvements would be measured. A transformation roadmap and a series of specific recommendations were provided to assist the client on their digital journey. These recommendations included target market prices for services to be procured externally and resource levels and skill-sets required by the internal in-country teams.

The combination of fact-based analysis and fully calibrated scenarios underpinned by real market data gave the client the information needed to make informed decisions. Most importantly, the outcomes allowed the client to lower the IT cost base while also delivering increased value to the business through optimising services, modernising platforms and extracting better value from outsourcing contracts

User Perceptions

In addition to the services above, with the COVID-19 pandemic having had a dramatic effect to all industries, and one consequence being the acceleration of digital transformation; ImprovIT offer an IT user perception survey to determine how satisfied users are with the IT service support they receive. Backed by a tried and tested methodology, which helps organisations understand where the gaps are, provide comparisons to similar organisations and enable genuine problems to be quickly addressed.

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