Key Industry Sectors

Education & Research

The world inside UK higher education, research institutions and academies is changing faster than one might imagine. New fee structures, cost models, changing demographics of students, sharing and consolidation are driving new funding models and the need for cost and quality control

Financial Services

Financial services suffered in the wake of the last crisis but are now squarely into another tough period of multi-level regulation, cost reductions, drive for increased efficiencies and threats from new world fintechs


IT is a crucial part of modern healthcare provision, not only supporting administration systems but as a prevalent, if not essential key enabler to all clinical departments – many requiring very robust and high availability IT services

Life Sciences

In the pharmaceutical industry there exists a challenge between innovation and cost effectiveness. This is driven by global competition, regulation, cost and price pressures, transparency and collaboration

Public Sector

The public sector is a broad and diverse entity encompassing central and local government, agencies and the NHS. The total budget for delivering services for all parts of the public sector is huge but is continually under scrutiny as increased efficiency, often achieved by cuts, is sought throughout the public sector


The Utility sector has seen significant change in recent years. The gas and electricity sectors have seen increased competition with growing changes to ownership. The gas and electricity market is split between suppliers and distributors of energy and those that deliver to consumers

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