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Healthcare, IT Director

Healthcare Summary

IT is a crucial part of modern healthcare provision, not only supporting administration systems but as a prevalent, if not essential key enabler to all clinical departments – many requiring very robust and high availability IT services. IT can aid the organisation by simplifying and speeding up tasks or allowing additional more complex activities to be readily undertaken.

Advances in clinical systems rely heavily on advanced communications and networks. With the explosion of digital imagery (PACS systems – X-ray, CT, MRI etc.) the demand for improved systems and storage has never been greater. Another key requirement which has considerable impact on working practices is the growing demand for integrated services between primary and secondary care e.g. Electronic Patient Records (EPR) from the General Practitioner’s (GP) surgery to the hospital ward. There is also growing appetite from healthcare professionals for mobile devices and connectivity and all of this and more needs achieving whilst supporting health needs during a pandemic.

Optimising IT in Healthcare

Faced with increased demand for cuts and wider requirements to deliver patient centered services, greater expectations are being placed on IT within Healthcare. The Healthcare needs to balance cost reductions against maintaining existing front-line services and the ever increasing demand for further services. Delaying or denying projects and investments is no longer a viable option, and Healthcare organisations are seeking alternative methods and solutions.

ImprovIT’s Metric Driven Analysis approach enables Healthcare bodies to gain insight by independently and accurately comparing their IT (services and costs) to similar organisations. ImprovIT can also conduct “What If?” analysis by modelling the impact change has on the delivery or cost of a service modification (e.g. moving to Shared Services) or efficiency of implemented projects.

ImprovIT can not only help Healthcare organisations optimise IT spend to deliver long term savings whilst ensuring service quality is maintained or improved.

Using our detailed model and data, ImprovIT can:

The support from ImprovIT can be delivered in the form of IT Strategy support; IT Project reviews; Technology selection help or IT governance and sourcing decisions. ImprovIT will help optimise IT strategy decisions and determine which of the items below would be most beneficial:

ImprovIT’s approach and methodology helps to ensure comparison against best price and practice in organisations of similar scale and complexity both within the Healthcare and other sectors, to ensure our clients don’t miss out on innovative solutions outside their immediate surroundings.

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